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Have your say: your chance to enhance HMRC's Charity Tax Relief Statistics

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This consultation will close on 10 April 2015.

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) currently publishes Charity Tax Relief Statistics covering the majority of tax repayments to charities in the UK. HMRC publishes these statistics three times a year. The releases cover the different types of tax reliefs payable to charities and to individuals.

The main publication is in June each year. This is where all of the figures for the most recent tax year are published in the corresponding tables and the Commentary document is updated to reflect the latest trends. All of these statistics are available on the website.

For publications in December and April, we use provisional data to provide in-year projections for the current tax year. These projections are eventually revised in the main June publication once the tax year has finished.

A user consultation has been established to identify whether the December and April publications are a justifiable use of resources since they take a very considerable amount of time to produce. The consultation will also seek to identify the needs of our users, with a view potentially to develop the statistics to better meet these needs, and to gain feedback on our publication of these charity tax relief statistics.

How to respond: Access the consultation on the charity tax relief statistics section on the website.

Enquiries: For all enquiries, please email James Mee  or phone 03000 578947.

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